I’m Lisa Rosen.  I do the writing on this site, as well as the cooking, the research, and the vast majority of the photography.  The rest of the very helpful people in my house occasionally help out with technical troubleshooting, idea generation, fancy camera work, and the all-important taste-testing.

What I do:

Write (not just the blog–fiction as well, plus pretty much anything else anyone asks for)
Cook (more than you can possibly imagine)
Run (slowly)
Cycle (not as much as I’d like)
Swim (but only when I have to; that black line on the bottom of the pool is really, really boring)
Garden (but I’m really bad at it)
Knit (the yarn collection is a problem)
Kid-wrangle (some days more successfully than others)

What I don’t do:

Sports that involve a ball (hand-eye coordination?  not so much)
Artsy-crafty things (see above)
Sing (okay, well, I do, but we don’t really tell people)
Technological things (total incompetent)
Watch television (not much, anyway–really–don’t listen to what Lee says)
Mow the grass (that looks dangerous)
Wear high heels (not a big fan of pain)
Snore (but I know someone who does!)

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