Slideshow, Retro-style

by Lisa Rosen on November 30, 2011

This makes me utterly happy.  Lee ran across it while he was cleaning out and digitizing a box of stuff he’d been dragging around forever.  It was originally a slide show, that he’d cued to music.  Yay for technology–now it’s a Youtube video, and all we have to do is click the play button.

It’s worth watching, just for the clothes.  Those high-waisted pants . . .

He thinks he made this (took the photos, printed them as slides, etc.) when he was in the 11th grade.  I think it’s kind of awesome, both that he was so into photography, and that he was so good at it.  I also love that technology (that brilliant little camera in the iPhone) has rekindled his passion for taking pictures.

It’s distressing to think, though, that you’d never be able to do something like this today.  I try to imagine Toby hanging out at the park near our house taking pictures of random kids he’d never seen before, and, well, not so much.  I can see a mob of angry moms wrestling his camera away and stomping on it, or him being arrested and shoved into the back of a police car.  It’s sad, really, that we’re all so paranoid.

Anyway.  That’s another rant for another day.  Enjoy the video.

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Sonja Foust November 30, 2011 at 3:05 pm

Sweet and joyful– love it! 🙂

I love that everyone can take video now. When I was young, you had to have a heavy, expensive piece of equipment to get video. Now you just need your phone. It’s pretty awesome.


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