by Lisa Rosen on September 29, 2011


Organisms.  Molecules.
Fermentation, gasses rising–living and breathing,
Cells divide and multiply.
They pick up speed, burning through fuel, growing–exploding.
The symbiosis of protein and carbohydrate, ensnared by
The profligate expansion of a microscopic miracle.

Flour, water, salt.
The staff of life–the daily bread.
Sustenance and comfort; a living mystery, a stale, hard crust.
Wars were fought, cultures rose and fell.
We ate bread, not cake.
Ancient yeast; the history of the world, trapped in a melamine bowl.

Proof, rest, rise.
Bread speaks its own language, bides its own time.
We knead, we punch, we shape and bake and wait.
Crumb and crust; ovenspring and singing loaves
And the warm wheaten smell of hearth and home.

But when the weather turns,
When the culture dies,
When the yeast expires;
When the oven won’t heat, the loaf won’t round, the bread won’t rise–
The hunger drives you back to try again.
Bread fail.



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