Teenage Brains

by Lisa Rosen on September 21, 2011

Lee sent me this article from National Geographic a couple of weeks ago; since then, it’s been making the rounds on the internet–apparently we’re not the only people who are stumped by the sometimes bewildering workings of our children’s minds.

The article bears a close reading, then a re-read, just to be sure you got it all.  Equally interesting, though, is a radio program I happened to hear yesterday; the author of the article was on the panel, along with several of researchers whose work he highlighted.  You can download/listen to the program here.  It’s an hour long, but like the article, it’s worth the time–as a matter of fact, I’m planning to listen to it a second time, just to be sure I didn’t miss anything.

None of this wonderful, enlightening research has actually helped me solve a particularly sticky problem one of my kids is having at the moment (as I’ve said before, their personal problems are not mine to share, so please forgive my being vague), but I think I have a little more insight into why I can’t solve the problem:  when I look at the long-term consequences, it’s obvious to me that the short-term, right-now discomfort is irrelevant, but my kid sees a completely different set of long-term consequences.

It turns out the world looks different through their eyes.  That explains a lot.

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