by Lisa Rosen on September 9, 2011

This is what I’ve been doing all week.  Tomatoes.  I bought a box of Romas on Sunday, and have been cranking through them ever since.

–A batch (the second in the last few weeks) of pasta sauce, in the freezer (recipe here).

–Nine pounds became a cup and a half of tomato paste.

–Two batches of tomato soup–one of which was (ahem) very tasty, the other of which is stashed away in the freezer.

–A gallon zip-loc full of roasted tomatoes; super-easy recipe here.

–A giant pot of ratatouille, half of which is now frozen, the other half of which is waiting for me to make some polenta so we can tuck into it this weekend.

–There was also a nice sugo crudo that we had for a quick dinner several nights ago.  Yum.

Last night I finally had to cut my fingernails down super-short, because they were turning orange from all the peeling and seeding (I’ve also been roasting/freezing bell peppers and chiles–LOTS of peeling).  I worked through a backlog of podcasts, had to buy more dishwasher soap, and the freezer?  I keep warning the children not to open it, or they may never be able to get it closed.

Tuesday afternoon, when the insanity was at its peak, Delaney walked through the kitchen–it looked like there’d been a massacre.  Scarlet juice splattered everywhere.  Skins and seeds piled in a bowl.  Flecks of tomato flesh on my face and arms and ratty old t-shirt.  Knives and various wicked-looking implements stacked up by the sink.  Pots burbling on the stove.  A pile of soggy, red-stained rags.  It was a mess.

“What are we gonna do, hibernate?”  She answered her own question before I had a chance to speak–“Oh, wait.  That’s totally what you’re going to do, isn’t it?”

Well, yes.  I am.  And I’m going to have lots of cheery tomato goodness to remind me of summer when it’s cold and grey outside.

The box is actually empty now, finally.  Tomorrow is market day.  Can I resist the urge to buy another load?  Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my freezer . . .

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