The High School Roller Coaster

by Lisa Rosen on August 15, 2011

Couldn’t sleep last night.  Up at midnight, yelling at my annoying spawn to stop arguing over the bathroom.  Then up again at 2, convinced the air-conditioner was broken and we were all slowly dying of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Up again at five, trying to figure out why I was up again.  I’m not usually an insomniac, but I’ve had a couple of tossing-and-turning nights in the last week or so.

I know why, too.  You know that thing when parents are stressed about something, and their toddlers pick up on it and act out?  Well, it turns out the opposite is true when the kids get older.  At our house, I’m the emotional sponge.  When the teen-agers get stressed or anxious, I just soak it up, and find myself freaking out in the middle of the night.


Today is (was, by the time you read this) orientation at the high school.  For this one year, my kids will be at the same school, which starts tomorrow (hallelujah!).  Toby will be a senior; Delaney will be a freshman.

I’m fully anticipating that the next twelve months will be a small nightmare.  We have no idea where Toby will be at this time next year, or what sort of path he’ll follow to get there.  He’s sort of a moving target; every couple of weeks he has a brilliant new idea about what he wants to do when he graduates. We don’t know where we’ll be living–we want to sell the house, but that may prove to be a challenge.  And in the midst of all that turmoil, Delaney will be finding her way through her freshman year of high school.  It’s going to be a wild ride.

And here I sit, just absorbing everyone else’s emotional garbage.  No wonder I can’t sleep.

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Eileen August 16, 2011 at 11:38 am

I am now worried about Toby and his cycling, Delaney and the pressure’s of being a freshman at, what is essentially, her brother’s school. I’ll only feel better about things if you begin to bake again. Toby needs the calories, Delany needs the comfort of good bread, I need to know your side of town isn’t melting down in the middle of the night. Surely something is in season in August to cook with.


Lisa Rosen August 16, 2011 at 11:58 am

Eileen–too funny that you knew how I’d be handling all this! First day of school: thus far, I’ve made a loaf of bread, a batch of rolls, 2 flavors of ice cream, & 2 sauces!


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