Tomato, Olive, & Chevre Roll-Up

by Lisa Rosen on July 22, 2011

It’s too hot to cook.  Luckily, it’s also tomato season, or as Sheri Castle says, “The High Holy Days of Tomato Sandwich Season.”

Now, I totally understand the sacred perfection of the BLT, and I’d never knock it.  But if you’re feeling the need to branch out a little, or if you can’t bear the thought of frying up a pan of bacon in this weather, may I suggest an alternative?

The tomato pictured above is an old southern variety called the German Johnson.  It’s a good deal sweeter than you’re average slicer; if you can’t find German Johnsons (yeah, yeah–I hear you snickering), use whatever low-acid tomato grows well in your area.  Just make sure that whatever tomato you use, it’s field-grown, dead-ripe, and dripping with juice.

Tomato Roll-Up

1 whole wheat tortilla
a spoonful of spreadable chevre (preferably from a tub, rather than a log)
a spoonful of tapenade
1/2 of a tomato, sliced fairly thinly

Warm the tortilla slightly in the microwave (15 seconds).  Spread with chevre, then tapenade.   Line up the tomato slices in one layer, then roll the whole thing up.  Eat over a plate–it’s messy.

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Gabriela May 21, 2012 at 7:41 pm

I have a garlic pleeer as well and pulled it out to use again after reading this post. It really is pretty amazing-better than spending so much time scratching at the little cloves with your fingernails!


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