by Lisa Rosen on July 11, 2011

This whole distributed office model that Lee has moved to is kind of blowing people’s minds.

Actually, that’s not accurate.  It’s not that it’s blowing minds; it’s just that no one seems to understand the concept.

The rest of the firm does, of course, so that’s good.  There’s the whole “Ned” thing–going to Buenos Aires, keeping his job, working from there.  And he’s not the only one; the rest are gradually figuring out that “telecommuting” means they can work from wherever they want (for the most part).

But beyond the firm?  Everyone seems to think we’re on vacation, just because we’re not at our house.

We’re not.  We were last week, because Delaney was with us (between camps), and had a friend visiting, as well.  We had planned ahead, and scheduled a vacation week, so that we’d both be available (you don’t want to know what happens if I get stuck entertaining two teenaged girls while Lee’s on the phone–it’s not pretty).

Apparently it’s a difficult concept to grasp. I’m not entirely sure why–I assume life is going on like usual; we’ve just moved the base of operations.  The days are a tiny bit looser than usual, mainly because they aren’t dictated by the kids’ school schedules.  But they’re still dictated by my due dates and critique obligations, and Lee’s conference calls and email inbox.

But everywhere we go, people ask how long we’re here, and when we say five weeks, they go on and on about what a great vacation that must be.  As we’re both hunched over our computers, typing away.  We’re not on vacation–we’re location-independent.

We’re starting to look into the idea of being away the entire summer next year.  That’s going to be really tough to explain . . .



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Amelia July 12, 2011 at 4:40 am

You guys are so progressive….and cool! I want to be like you when I grow up. But then again, I doubt that healthcare will ever be so disseminated that I can work from anywhere on any timeline. But I can dream, right?


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