by Lisa Rosen on June 2, 2011

I did the most awesome-sauce thing on Tuesday.

I got a cortisone shot in my hip.

It was awesome-sauce for two reasons:

1) Cortisone shots are my new best friend.  I’m having a tiny little bursitis problem (gah–that makes me sound decrepit, which I am distinctly NOT), and ten days of NSAIDs did absolutely no good, so this was the next step.  I was a little nervous about it (Lee’s fault–he had a cortisone shot in his ankle once, and said it hurt like nobody’s business).  It was kind of intense, because it took a good thirty seconds or so, but it didn’t really hurt at all, so that was good.  Best of all–my hip is so much better.  I didn’t whine about it a single time yesterday.  Awesome.*

2) I used Duke Health’s new online check-in system–I’ve been secretly looking for an opportunity to try it.  This is truly awesome-sauce.  We’ve been going to Duke for almost all of our medical stuff for years now, and the only complaint I’ve ever had is the inefficiency of checking in.  It always involves standing in a long line, waiting forever, and having to pay prior to the appointment.  All of which is probably fine for normal, punctual people, but I’m not in that category.  I’m more in the I-was-on-time-till-I-had-to-wait-in-that-stupid-long-line category.

So when I got the reminder email about my appointment, I clicked on the “check in now” link, and bing-bang-boom!  I did all the paperwork/paying/standing in line stuff from the comfort of my own kitchen.  The system shot back a confirmation email, with a barcode, that I could use to sign in at a special kiosk (really just a tablet on the wall) when I got there.  I was hoping the kiosk would be able to read the barcode on my iPhone (because that would’ve made me feel uber-cool and technologically sophisticated), but it couldn’t.  Luckily I’d had the good sense to print the email before I left home, just in case.

The whole process took about two minutes at home, then about twenty seconds in the waiting room, leaving me plenty of time to have a small panic attack in anticipation of the dreaded injection in my hip.


*The only fly in the ointment:  the doctor said I should take a week off running, just to be sure the bursa settles down.  He clearly doesn’t have to live with me.


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Sonja Foust June 9, 2011 at 11:37 am

I’m glad you feel better! And bursitis doesn’t make you old. I have a young, beautiful, thin dancing friend who had bursitis a few months ago.

I love Duke Healthview. They also put all your vital signs, lab results, etc., etc. up there. If they would integrate with Google Health, I’d probably have a little data collection orgasm. Yeah, nerd. I know.


Bobbi Janay June 9, 2011 at 10:29 pm

To Lee saying it was painful, it was in a way more boney area. To that though, you have birthed two babies. You know pain.


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