Urban Outfitters–Disappointment

by Lisa Rosen on May 20, 2011

Toby and I had our first Urban Outfitters experience when we were in Asheville in April.  Neither of us had ever been in one before, and he thought it was great.  I thought it was annoyingly teen-ager-ish, but that’s not very surprising.  It is.

We bought a couple of t-shirts with mildly amusing graphics (I nixed the more questionable ones–this is why I still go clothes-shopping with my kids; I reserve the right to exercise my veto power), and a book about translating rap music that he wanted his grandmother to read (don’t ask).

When we went to pay, the cashier wanted to know if I wanted a printed receipt, or an email copy.  Since I’d already rejected the bag, stuffing the merchandise in my purse, I jumped at the chance to eliminate more paper.

***Tangential soapbox rant here:  recycling is great.  I’m a big believer.  But it’s the last resort, in my opinion.  That whole reduce, re-use, recycle thing?  That doesn’t mean stuff your recycling bin as full as you can.  It means we all ought to use less of that wasteful paper and packaging to begin with.  End rant.***

So I gave the guy my email address, without hesitation.  Yay!  One less slip of paper to deal with.

Several days later, Urban Outfitters promotions and sales flyers started showing up in my email box.


I was so annoyed.  For the record, the Apple store always asks if you’d prefer a paper or electronic receipt.  And they NEVER use your email address to spam.

Urban Outfitters:  I’m disappointed.  Get some integrity.   At the very least, warn me that you’re going to send me junk mail.

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