Tidy is as Tidy Does

by Lisa Rosen on May 3, 2011

I stumbled across this article a couple of days ago, and I keep going back and dipping into it again and again.  It says, in so many words, that we’re happiest in uncluttered, attractive spaces.

No kidding.  If you’ve ever spent time with young children, you know they’re calmest when their environment is orderly and organized–they need to be able to find their stuff.

That’s why I’m so anal about the kitchen–it’s the space that’s most important to me.  I need (both from a getting-through-the-day’s-routines perspective, but also for the sake of my own mental health) for the kitchen to be clean and comfortable and always at the ready. It’s also why I don’t want granite countertops; I find them too busy.  I prefer the soothing blank expanse of a plain white workspace.

The article’s advice on working from home is especially relevant, since Lee and I are both home together most of the time now.  He has always been a neat freak about his office, but now that his office is in our house, we’re having to figure out how his space impacts mine, and vice versa.

But I particularly loved this quote: “you can’t become something new without shedding old skin.”  Ultimately, is our living space just an external manifestation of the way our brains work?

The person I am in my head bears no resemblance to the kind of person whose linen closet looks like this:

In my mind’s eye, I am an efficient, productive person who moves through the world in a state of calm beneficence.  I guess my linen closet gives the lie to that image.

The question is–which comes first?  If I clean out the linen closet, will I become the person I think I am?

There’s only one way to find out.

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Catherine May 3, 2011 at 6:57 pm

Love the article!! My linen closet is 1000x worse….and unfortunately, I think I AM that person!!! Working on it though….
Thanks for the reminder about how great I feel when I have had a good decluttering session.


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