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by Lisa Rosen on April 5, 2011

Lee is having eye problems.  Poor Lee.

His eyes were irritated and uncomfortable, so he went to the eye doctor.  The doctor gave him some drops and said come back in a couple of months.  So that’s what he did.

Fast forward to the follow-up appointment:  the doctor is a bit horrified by the condition of Lee’s eyes.  He mentions, helpfully, that they look really irritated.  Lee is not especially comforted by this.  The doctor gives him some more drops, and says to come back if they get worse.

Lee makes an appointment with another doctor (at Duke, where the smart people all seem to be).

The new doctor takes one look, rolls up his sleeves, and gets serious about solving the problem.  First he puts plugs in the tear ducts in both eyes (at the first appointment, mind you).  Instant relief.  Then he outlines a treatment regimen that includes hot compresses and some thick, sticky drops that will really lube things up.

Lee is much happier.  This means that I am much happier.  It also means that I am switching over to the new eye doctor.

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Eileen April 6, 2011 at 6:54 am

Sorry to hear about lee’s eyes. I’m sure that is totally uncomfortable/annoying. My mom has had similar issues with her eyes. She’s had the plugs, prescription eye drops, refridgerated eye drops; you name it, she’s put it in her eye. She found a great doctor here in Cary that dove right into her issues and now she reports comfortable vision. Let me know if you need a 2nd opinion and I ‘ll be glad to get you his info.


Amelia April 6, 2011 at 8:25 am

So what was the diagnosis? I occassionally have blocked tear ducts but they seem to resolve with hot compresses.


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