Toe Fetish?

by Lisa Rosen on March 7, 2011

In my deep blue funk last week, I decided to paint my toenails bright purple.  It was Kirstin’s idea; she suggested, in a comment on this post, that perking up my hair color might lift my spirits.  I’ve never colored my own hair before, and honestly, I’m not even very good at blow drying it.  At this time of year my hair pretty much looks like the woman in this ad–the one whose hair goes “mad” (at 30 seconds).

But then I hit on the idea of purple toenails.  That might help.  So I went to Ulta and bought four tiny little bottles of nail polish.  Lee was out of town one night, so I put on Downton Abbey (a Masterpiece Theater series that I’m slightly in love with, all about the inhabitants of a stately English home, just before WWI–the twilight of the aristocracy) and made a cup of tea.

When I went to paint my toenails, I twisted up a length of toilet paper and wound it between my toes, like I’ve always done.  And then I realized:  I need a toe wedge.

By the time the weekend rolled around, I had developed a full-fledged obsession.  I went back to Ulta–no luck.  I dragged Lee to the mall–no toe wedges at Sephora (or Nordstrom, for the record–I guess if you can afford to buy your cosmetics at Nordstrom, you probably don’t paint your own toenails).  On Saturday, I toured all the drug stores near our house, plus one grocery store, Target, and a manicure shop.

At the eighth* store, I found it.  A 99-cent pair of toe wedges.  Wal-mart.  Not only did they have toe wedges, they had three different brands!

That kind of blew my mind.  I detest the Wal-mart; I find it disorganized and visually overwhelming.  I avoid it like the plague, but even so, three or four times a year I find I have no choice.  This time, I made Lee go with me for moral support.  The fact that they had those toe wedges?  I’m not really sure what to do with that, except go paint my toenails again.

*Yes, I went to eight stores looking for this ridiculous little frivolity.  I tend to obsess.  This is not news, is it?

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kirstin March 8, 2011 at 6:41 pm

I’m famous!! 😉
I hope your toes are very happy!


Lisa Rosen March 9, 2011 at 7:46 am

Thanks, Kirstin–My toes are purply-pink & quite glamorous! Too bad they’re covered up by socks . . .


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