Skype for iPhone, Redux

by Lisa Rosen on February 25, 2011

So, as I mentioned in passing last week, I finally went over to the dark side:  I got an iPhone.

Thus far, I like it fine.  No need to re-hash obvious by going on about the user interface or operating system or all that other technological stuff that bores me to tears.

Bottom line:  I wanted it for the apps.  And thus far, I haven’t really had time *cough* to explore the possibilities.  I know I really want that thing where you can scan a barcode in the store and get the price.  That does exist, right?  And I have every intention of using it to put all my books on my Goodreads bookshelf (in my spare time).*  And the other day, when we were four counties away from home and I was desperately searching for a cup of hot tea, Toby told me there’s a Starbucks locator app, but of course we were so far out in the boondocks we didn’t have enough coverage to download it.  Note to self:  do that today.

BUT.  The thing I’m already in love with?  It’s the thing I already knew I loved, even before I got it.

Skype for the iPhone.  It’s freaking brilliant.

I went to the grocery store.  Toby texted me; he’d forgotten to put about 7 things on the sticky-note.  Fine–text me the list.  He did.  One item was:  “Pretzel sticks and honey mustard.  Good honey mustard.”  Now how am I supposed to know what he considers good honey mustard?  This is not something I usually buy.  I texted back some words to that effect.

Then I clicked on the skype button, and told it to video chat with Toby.  I pressed the little button that switched over to the back camera.  Then I walked down the row of honey mustards, showing him each jar and bottle, until we got to one that satisfied him.**

I know I’m late to the iPhone party, but people.  This is brilliant.

*The thing that initially got me interested in switching from Blackberry to iPhone was our trip to Washington.  There are lots of travel apps for the iPhone, but pretty much none for the BB.  Next time we go to a big city, I’ll be set:  I’ll have all the museum guides, and walking tours, and restaurant recommendations, and subway maps–all on my phone.  Now we just need a trip . . .

**Sadly, the one thing Skype can’t do is tell a seventeen-year-old how that honey mustard is going to taste.  But at least it wasn’t my fault when he declared that jar unfit for consumption.

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Amelia February 27, 2011 at 9:20 am

I love my iPhone too! I’m not quite app savvy though. I haven’t used the Skype feature; is it only available on the iPhone 4?
Oh, and I need the Goodreads app; haven’t discovered that one either. Feel free to blog a list any good apps that you are using so the rest of us can benefit. 🙂


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