Diet 2011

by Lisa Rosen on February 18, 2011

We’re back to dieting.  Some of you may remember that Lee, Delaney and I went on Nutrisystem last spring.  Lee and I reached our respective goals pretty quickly, but Delaney burned out on it before she got down to where she needs to be.  Dieting is hard at any age, but at thirteen it’s really hard.  Social pressure, lack of willpower, impulse control, boredom, and that pesky teenage invincibility–all conspire against my poor kid.  I hate that this is a struggle for her, but it is.

So we’re back at it.  Lee and I had every intention of going back on the wagon after the cruise, anyway.  We’ve been on four trips in the last six months, plus I have an incorrigible baking habit.  Better to keep the weight in check than let it get out of hand.

I rejoined Lifetime Fitness so she can go (hidden bonus:  I get to go too, and try all the new classes).  She’s older than last time we were members, plus one of her best friends goes.  Hopefully her need to be social will work to her advantage and keep her going.

For now, she’s working on finishing off the leftovers from her last Nutrisystem order.  When that’s gone, she’s hoping she can cobble together a palatable plan using frozen meals from the grocery store.  We know it’s doable; we just have to help her stick with it.  Palatable, it turns out, is crucial.

The real challenge will be when she leaves for summer camp.  That’s four months away.

In the interim, I will try not to develop an ulcer from the stress of “helping” a teenager deal with a weight problem.  It feels a little like walking through a field full of land mines.  Blindfolded.

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catherine February 18, 2011 at 8:00 pm

While I will likely always struggle with the tendency to over eat, it wasn’t until I addressed WHY I felt compelled to constantly stuff down my feelings with food, that I can control it. Highly recommend Geene Roth’s, Women, Food and God (not overboard–more spirituality..) Life changing book for an emotional eater. When we constantly eat past full, we are using food to fill an emotional need… Still haven’t figured it all out, but will continue to work on it.


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