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by Lisa Rosen on January 25, 2011

Little-known fact:  Lee used to be a professional photographer.  I never knew him as an artist; he had given it up and become a lawyer long before I met him.  He didn’t take many pictures at all for years, preferring to live in the moment, rather than constantly ruining the moment by trying to document it.  But as the children have gotten older, and camera technology has changed, I’ve noticed that he’s starting to be more creative.  I’m totally fascinated by this side of him.

He took the three photos above while we were in Miami, with the camera on his Droid.  I love the geometry.  I was with him in all of those places, but I didn’t see what he saw.  My brain just doesn’t notice those shapes, or know how to frame them.  He not only sees the world with an artist’s eye, but he manages to capture his vision without any fancy equipment.

The man still surprises me, after more than twenty years of marriage.

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