Vegetable Scrubbie

by Lisa Rosen on July 8, 2010

Everyone should have a vegetable scrub brush.  I assumed this was obvious, and that everyone does indeed have one, until I realized that no, not everyone does.

So get one.  Mine’s from Target, costs a couple of dollars, lasts a really long time.  The one I had before this one was taller, and purple, and shaped like a duck.  I think I liked that one better.  This one fits in the palm of my hand, which bothers me sometimes; perhaps I should get a new one.

And no, it’s not for washing dishes.  Or cleaning the sink.  Or scraping gum off the bottom of your shoe. It’s for SCRUBBING VEGETABLES.

If you are going to eat lots of vegetables, which, obviously, you should, it only makes sense to set up your kitchen so that vegetable preparation is easy and sort of mindless.  Get a little scrubbie brush, and keep it right next to the sink.  Then use it, daily.

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Bobbi Janay July 8, 2010 at 6:56 pm

I would have never thought of that.


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