Carpe Diem

by Lisa Rosen on May 11, 2010

I happened to see a tweet yesterday–Jet Blue was having a sale:  all remaining seats for Tuesday and Wednesday for just ten dollars each.  My first instinct was to call and mention it to Lee, who was at lunch.  He sounded dubious about it, and distracted by whomever he was chatting with (I didn’t ask).

But just out of curiosity, I surfed on over to the Jet Blue website, and sure enough–there was the sale info.  Still just curious, I checked on a Raleigh to New York flight.  I’ve gone to Manhattan for the day several times before–there’s something kind of glamorous (in an utterly exhausting way) about waking up in my bed, having lunch in New York, and being back home to tell the children goodnight.

There they were:  a direct flight out of RDU at 6 am (okay, a little on the early side, but I’d be in the city for breakfast . . .), and a direct flight home at 9:45 pm.  Time enough for an early dinner before heading to the airport.  Brilliant.

And . . . I blinked.  I thought, “Well, that’s interesting.  Whaddaya know, I could go to New York tomorrow.”  And I got up and made myself a salad, and started thinking about how fun that would be.  I called Lee back to see if he’d be interested, and, still distracted, he said sure.  Whatever.

They were gone.  The only cheap seats left involved a five-hour flight with a layover in Boston, which sort of defeats the purpose.  Damn.

Five minutes later, when I thought about how much fun that would have been, I was kicking myself.  A whole day playing hooky in the city, with my one-and-only.  For a grand total of forty dollars!  How could I have let that slip through my fingers??

My disappointment right now is an actual, physical pain.

One of these days, I’m going to grow up and stop hesitating.  I’m going to learn to take a risk–make an executive decision–be spontaneous.

That’s my plan.

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