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by Lisa Rosen on March 8, 2007

I’m still here; still thinking about blogging.  Unfortunately, composing sentences in my head while I’m stuck in traffic on the interstate isn’t enough to actually get a post online.  Some days it’s all I can do to get through the day–this has been one of those weeks.  Mr. Helpful is finally home for a while, after three out-of-town trips in the last few weeks.  All three, unfortunately, were at the beginning of the week, when the family logistics are at their worst–hockey, soccer, softball, tae kwon do, etc.  Add in doctor’s appointments (never close to home, of course–Durham, maybe, or Chapel Hill–usually at rush hour, because I so love being trapped on I-40 with a tired child in the car) and at least one all-day field trip to chaperone, and I’ve been running like a chicken with its head cut off.  Oh, and I removed the wallpaper in the children’s bathroom.  That was fun.

So those are my daily stresses that have kept me away from the computer.  I haven’t let them keep me off the bike, though (not till today, anyway).  At this point–less than three months from the start of brevet week–I’m feeling a need to stress my body as often as possible, pushing my limits in every way I can think of.  So much so, that I’m starting feel (wait for it!) kind of stressed about the whole proposition.

So Saturday before last I rode the Frostbite Tour.  Had a grand time, met some really cool new folks (including my new buddy Tim–, and rolled back into the parking lot dead last at the end of the hundred mile day.  Thanks to all the sweepers (Mike,  who hung back with me, even though they could’ve gotten home a lot earlier than they did.  It was a beautiful day and a great ride, and my first century of the season.  I felt good all day, and went out for dinner afterward, and while I was a bit tired the next day, it wasn’t too bad, so I’m pretty pleased with my training at this point.

Then on Wednesday after that the weather was fabulous, so I went for a 65-miler (that was as much as I could squeeze in between driving one kid to school in the morning and then picking up the carpool group in the afternoon).  That was a great ride; I was so energized that I decided to springboard off of it and do a mini-mileage week.  I rode 30 miles each of the four days after that, Thursday-Sunday.  My plan is to do that again at the end of the month, but up the miles to 60 per day, and then in late April do five days in a row of centuries.  In the meantime, I’ll do a bunch of organized weekend rides of 100-125 miles.

Anyway, that’s the update.  It’s chilly today, I have a child home sick, and I’m tired of the children showering in my bathroom, so I have to go finish painting theirs.  Some stresses are good; some are not.  This is me, writing to you from my zen place.

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